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Business Solutions

EPC procurement business solutions help organizations to excel in procurement and supply, our expertise lies in all aspects of procurement and supply chain; with practical experience of assessing clients’ needs and developing customised solutions that suite their needs Our solutions include

Procurement Restructure

If you don’t have a fully functioning procurement department or you want to increase the professionalism of your procurement function you may need to use our procurement restructure solutions.
We provide a complete solution for those who do not have fully functioning procurement department on turn-key basis including procurement strategy, documentation and business process, policies and procedures, and recruitment and training of procurement staff.
In case you have the procurement function and you want to review and analyse the efficiency and effectiveness of this department and to benchmark the function to the global standards we can help you achieve this objective by reviewing procurement strategy and process, analysing the policies and procedures in order to identify the issues then we recommend the solution to these issues in order to be compatible with procurement global standards.

Procurement Automation

We do not sell any procurement or ERP systems but we support organisations to select the best solution that meets their requirements to automate their procurement function.
We support in defining the system requirements, issuing the tender or the request for proposal then evaluation of the submitted offer to select the best solution that fits your purpose.
Upon the selection of the supplier we act as the project manager to review the implementation and guarantee that the system is implemented according to the specified requirements and make sure that our customers receives the best of their systems.

Sourcing Solution

Are you looking for suppliers to deliver your requirements, or do you have suppliers but you need to analysis their capability to ensure that they can do the required job or make the proper delivery of goods. Are you going into a big deal and you want to avoid poor negotiation results. So you can request our sourcing, supplier evaluation and negotiation services as we can provide you with a list of suppliers to your requirements accompanied with a preliminary analysis report to their capabilities.
Also we can help in preparing tender documents and evaluation methodologies for your requirements based on which the suppliers will submit their offers then we can assist in the evaluation process of the offers to ensure that you are selecting the right supplier for your requirements.
Our negotiation solution include the planning for negotiation in order to identify what are our objectives and options, what are the alternatives, what is the minimum that we can accept, how we will approach the negotiation and who will be the negotiation team. Then we will do the negotiation according to the highest standards to ensure that you achieve the maximum of your objectives.

Capability Analysis

Our procurement capability analysis exam is based on the highest standards in procurement and is built according to Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS) knowledge base.
By using our procurement capability analysis exam, you will be able to identify the strength and weaknesses of your team and verify their knowledge in 10 key procurement capabilities add is used to assess the knowledge and capabilities of procurement professionals up to 10 years of experience and consists of 100 question to assess 10 competencies
The results of the analysis will be provided to you in a form of a comprehensive report including the exam score and how this score relates to CIPS standards in order to identify the gaps and to provide a development plan to your team