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CIPS exists to promote and develop high standards of professional skill, ability and integrity among all those engaged in purchasing and supply chain management. CIPS assists individuals, organisations and the profession as a whole.
As an influential professional body, CIPS helps all kinds of organisations achieve all-round excellence in procurement and supply management. We do this by offering a range of products and services to equip you with the knowledge, training, and practical skills you need to derive maximum benefit from your procurement practices.
As the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply, CIPS enjoys a Royal Charter that was awarded in 1992 in recognition of its leading role in supporting and furthering the interests of the purchasing and supply industry.

Why to be MCIPS

By Becoming a fully qualified member of CIPS (MCIPS) you will achieve an internationally recognised award which represents the global standard within the profession for a procurement and supply professional. Procurement professionals who achieve MCIPS status earn more per annum than non-MCIPS colleagues in the same positions and only current members are entitled to use the post-nominals MCIPS. A professional qualification will enhance your skills and practices, and equip you with new ones, providing you with the tools you need to excel in your career in procurement and supply. Studying for and gaining MCIPS demonstrates your serious intent and commitment to your career; a huge advantage when it comes to career progression

How to be MCIPS

MCIPS can be achieved through
– Studying for CIPS professional qualifications
– An accredited degree
– The CIPS Management Entry Route (MER) for senior professionals
– The CIPS Corporate Award applied learning programme for individuals or groups of professionals
We in EPC can help you achieve MCIPS through Professional Qualification and Management Entry Route.

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