MCIPS Shortcut (Management Entry Route – MER)




CIPS Management Entry Route – MER – is designed for procurement professionals who are already operating in a senior strategic role within procurement or supply chain management with extensive on-the-job experience. You will be assessed for your experience, knowledge and responsibility through an online questionnaire and a telephone interview. It is a robust, rigorous and transparent process designed for senior professionals in upper management roles, usually with at least five years’ experience at a strategic level. Check this link for more details (CIPS MER process)

EPC Academy provide preparation course for MER that enables candidates to be familiar with CIPS MER process and facilitate their passing the assessments.

Who should attend

Senior procurement managers and directors who are at least 5 years experience in managerial position and wish to further develop their skills at a functional leadership level and possess the necessary knowledge to apply for MCIPS via the Management Entry Route.

Program description

This 5-day workshop is designed to prepared delegates for the CIPS Management Entry Route route to CIPS Membership. Candidates will be required to demonstrate a working knowledge of the 11 themes of CIPS global standard for procurement & supply
– Position & Influence
– External Environment
– Technology
– Spend Management
– Contracting
– Sourcing
– Delivering Outcomes
– Metrics & Measurement
– Developing Individuals & Teams
– Developing self & Personal Skills
– Ethics

The format of the CIPS Management Entry Route is

Stage 1: This requires application for associate membership, which is completed online.
Stage 2a: The first mandatory stage of the assessment process is to undertake the CIPS Competency assessment. This is an online competency questionnaire assessment
Stage 2b: CIPS Ethical Procurement and Supply E- Learning and Test
Stage 2c:  The Interview Assessment
Stage 3: Results

EPC program will include

– 5 days of intense knowledge based training on core Procurement topics, to refresh and deepen specialist knowledge in areas aligned to the MER requirements
– A 90-minute session to simulate a mock MER interview making use of structured competence based questions. This would act as preparation for those wishing to apply for MCIPS via MER route. For those not wishing to apply this time can be spent reviewing development plans and providing personal coaching.

Workshop Days 1 – 4:
– Overview of the MER process. The workshop will
– Go through the key issues related to the 11 themes and introduce the key models, tools and techniques assonated with them.
– Present a handbook to assist you and use when completing the online assessment.
– Complete a sample set of questions, to be reviewed by your tutor overnight.
– Guidance for CIPS Ethical Procurement and Supply E- Learning and Test

Day 5 of the workshop
– Review of the questions and discuss any areas that require further attention.
– Mock interviews and guidance on interview techniques

Instructor profile

Ian Moody, FCIPS, B.Sc., MBA.

 – Ian Moody has more than 30 years experience in senior management positions. In addition to corporate roles with such companies as Ericson Ian has set up and developed various highly profitable companies and has specific experience in all areas of business management.
 – He strongly believes that sustainable business can only be achieved by developing professionalism and breaking down functional barriers.
 – His practical knowledge of strategic development and operational management allows Ian’s clients to benefit from a ‘real life’ approach to his consultancy and training assignments.
 – Ian’s core expertise lies in the areas of strategic planning, supply chain management, finance and communication at all levels of the organisation.
 – Ian has considerable knowledge of planning and forecasting. He is highly concerned by the impact of waste on the competitive advantage, which he aims to eliminate.
 – He works very closely with CIPS as a tutor, assessor and consultant. He teachers all of the of the CIPS qualification units both at London Met University and for registered centers throughout the Middle East. In addition to his work with CIPS he is accredited by major international examining bodies such as the ACCA, CIM & ILM and works throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

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