EPC academy is delighted to announce the launch of its new product Procurement Skills Assessment (PSA)

Assessment Description:

Procurement Skills Assessment (PSA) is based on CIPS knowledge structure and measures your knowledge and understanding the following 10 skills and capabilities in procurement and supply:

  1. Procurement Principles
  2. Procurement Function
  3. Procurement Processes
  4. Procurement Administration
  5. Procurement Stakeholders
  6. Procurement Environments
  7. Procurement Operations
  8. Procurement Workflow
  9. Logistics Operations
  10. Supplier Relationships

This Assessment will help in identifying learning gaps to facilitate building up the proper development plan.

The Assessment consists of 50 questions, in 2 types of questions

  1. Type 1 : MCQ questions in which each of the questions or statement is followed by four suggested answers or completion. You need to select the one that is best in each case from (A,B,C and D) corresponding to that answer.
  2. Type 2: Choose the correct answers and in this type you will be provided with statements and you need to select the correct answer corresponding to this statement or question.

Time limit is 60 Minutes for all the test                                          

Assessment results reporting:

There are 2 types of reports that are provided for the assessment:

Standard report that provides only the score of each category and percentage.

Comprehensive report that provides full analysis to the scores and gaps and provide a recommendation about the required courses to develop such gaps


for more information about the assessment and comprehensive report contact us on info@epcacademy.com

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